To develop and implement policy on key issues affecting direct selling trade, our Association is committed on following reforms- Key to this effort is the work of committees, subcommittees, task forces and councils shall be part of the Association.

Legal Reform

Advocacy for legislation designed to prevent the abuse of asbestos litigation.
Advocacy for legislation against the fake or cases with malafied intention.
Expose fraud and misconduct by the Direct sellers and Direct selling entrepreneurs.
to create environment of arbitration and other alternatives Dispute Resolution Mechanism.
Raising awareness of overhaul and facilitating meaningful reforms in Direct selling Industry
Support in to prevent or reduce litigation among the Direct selling entities, Direct sellers and consumers through the counselling.

Regulatory Reforms

Work with the Govt. Officials/Ministry/Departments and individual agencies on the various regulatory relief programs initiated by the Govt. Officials/Ministry/Departments.
Protect regulatory relief operations through both a formal rule-making process and subsequent litigation, when necessary.
Continue to emphasize better regulatory analysis in the rule-making process, including adoption of such analysis by independent agencies.
Advocate for broad-based regulatory reform, particularly the enactment of the Regulatory Accountability Act.
Advocate for permanent reforms in the segment of fake cases/offences

Tax Policy

Advocate for pro-sustained growth tax policies in relevant tax legislation.
Continue to work with the Govt. Officials/Ministry/Departments on regulations and other guidance to implement the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
Oppose anti-development tax policy proposals.
Continue to advocate for responsible fiscal policy, including eligibility reform, deficit reduction, and debt management.
Advocate for effective implementation and utilization of opportunities areas and similar economic development programs.