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ADSEI (Association of Direct Selling Entities of India) is formed with an objective to make people and all the business sectors aware about the direct selling industry and its importance as an integral part of the Indian industrial sector.

The importance of ADSEI is more felt in today's world as money laundering due to Ponzi schemes and quick money circulation scheme frauds are on the rise. This could blunt the distinguishing line between direct selling and money circulation schemes. The awareness of common people, in general, about the direct selling industry is very less due to almost no promotion.

Among the people, it is generally observed that many genuine direct selling companies were assailed by people and governing authorities to classify them as cheats or frauds. Also, more often than not, the media and the involved authorities also mistakes a direct selling company for a money circulation scheme. These trends indicate a very miserable situation.

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What is Direct Selling

Direct selling can be an effective way to build a flexible, low-cost business. It allows you to reduce advertising costs, avoid overhead expenses, and build long-lasting customer relationships. Direct selling is the selling of products in a non-retail setting, for example, at home, online, or other venues
that are not a store.

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Direct Selling Differences

Direct selling is different from direct marketing in various ways. In conclusion, it can be asserted that direct selling focuses on selling products directly to customers through agents or representatives, while direct marketing concentrates on using promotional tools to identify possible customer markets and make a sale in those markets.

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Members Benefits

ADSEI offers members a wide range of business tools, industry contacts, educational opportunities, networking events and support services that are designed to meet the needs of a direct selling company at all levels Our conferences, seminars, webinars and networking opportunities keeps direct selling executives up to date on best practices and the changing landscape of the channel.

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